Scientifically proven to give up to 2 extra hours sleep a night

If you suffer from bad back, hips, shoulder or neck issues, then here at O’Suan Sleep we use cutting edge pressure-mapping technology to create a blueprint of where your body needs support when sleeping, and more importantly ,how much.  We then use this data to create a sleep system made of layers of specially selected materials combined to suit your particular needs and designed to help you sleep better. O’Suan natural latex mattresses are also widely known to be an ideal choice for people going through menopause or perimenopause because they provide the breathability/cooling and support needed to reduce hot flushes and get a better night’s sleep.

This can lead to a build-up of pressure points, which may mean a lot of tossing and turning at night. The result? Broken and restless sleep for you and your partner.

The O’Suan Sleep System has been created with input from a physiotherapist and back specialist.

It works! Read the Research Update

Flexibility without Compromise

The O’Suan Sleep System is designed to allow two people to sleep side by side without disturbance from the movements of the other.

The layers of the orthopedic mattress can be adjusted to suit your requirements, should your comfort needs change. This ensures you gain the maximum benefit of the O’Suan Sleep System for longer.

How The O’Suan Sleep System Helps You Sleep Better

It starts with you.

There is nobody quite like you. So it makes sense that your body needs an orthopedic mattress that is unique to its specific requirements. This gives you the support that you need to get the best rest and sleep possible for you.

We use cutting edge pressure-mapping technology to create a blueprint of where your body needs support and how much.

We arrange a private appointment with you at our consultation studio in Wexford. Here our trained O’Suan Sleep System Advisor will guide you through the process of scanning your form on our sensor base. This sensor base is linked to our Pressure Mapper which you can see on screen in the consultation studio. It collates data from each position you lie in to create a map of the recommended Sleep System for you. The whole process is very efficient and only takes a few minutes of your time.

What’s in Your O’Suan Sleep System?

Natural Latex


Cashmere Wool

Coconut Fibres

All layered over 2,000 pocket springs and encased in an easily removable and washable cover.


Layers of Comfort

When we have your individual pressure map, we choose the formula and use it to make up your O’Suan Sleep System.

Layers of specially selected, high quality materials are carefully combined by hand, in Ireland, to make your individual Sleep System.

Made in Ireland

All beds are handmade to order in Co Wexford, Ireland, and tailored to each individual customer.  To us, there is no mattress that fits all. 

How You May Benefit from Your O’Suan Sleep System

A good night’s rest has long been associated with better health, less stress, more energy and freedom from pain as it gives our bodies and minds the chance to recover. We believe that designing and making the O’Suan Sleep System specifically for your body will dramatically increase the likelihood of your best way to sleep.

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Our Sleep Systems Price Starts At €799.00

Please give us a call and we can identify one of our mattress system that will suit your budget and comfort needs.
Our prices start from €799 so you won’t be dissapointed.