O’Suan Pillow




Our natural latex “Pillow” system

To Create the Perfect Pillow System for You, we used our Heads.

Science tells us that every body is different. So the height you need to have your head supported at to facilitate the best sleep for you is unique. It won’t be too high, too low, too soft or too firm.

The O’Suan pillow system is fully adjustable. It is created with layers of natural latex and coconut fibres that can be altered as and when your needs change.

The internal Latex layers in the O'Suan orthopaedic pillow

This means that your head and neck are always correctly supported. This helps to prevent back and neck pain as well as helping to relieve snoring. We want to ensure that both you and your partner are getting a better night’s sleep.

We developed our pillow system with input from physiotherapists to ensure your best sleep position was possible, and the utmost comfort levels were achieved for you.

The O’Suan pillow system is hand made in Wexford and comes in a washable zip-up cover. You can change the layering within the Pillow System easily and quickly whenever you need to.