O’Suan Premium Healthcare Adaptable Mattress


  • Our Latex, cashmere wool, and silk, top section will keep your body cool at night .
  • Our multi layers of Latex  help to maintain proper spinal alignment throughout the night, providing pressure relief to key areas like the hips, back, and neck . 
  • The zipped inner section can be rolled up and transferred to any bed .
  • The different adjustable layers are unique and give the user flexibility during the lifetime of the mattress
  • Fully  Removable and washable covers
  • 100 % Fully recyclable 
  • It’s recommended that you visit our studio in Wexford to avail of our bespoke mattress fitting using our scanning technology
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Intelligent  zipped adjustable Mattress, with a combination of layered 100% natural latex , and core base of quality medic foam.  This is then topped off with layers of natural latex ,coco hair, and luxurious layers of cashmere wool and silk .

This provides for ultimate comfort, spinal support and temperature control.

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3ft, 4ft, 4ft6", 5ft, 6ft