Sleep Trials Results 

Dr John Collier of iD Consulting, a consultancy that specializes in technical and scientific assessments of consumer orientated technologies was contracted to conduct an independent validation study of the benefits of the O’Suan Sleep System on the sleep quality of a range of consumers who self-report to have sleep problems due to bad sleep hygiene or posture resulting in pain or pressure on their body.  

All participants completed a pain and sleep questionnaire prior to receiving their new  orthopaedic o’suan mattress .

Key results from the Study

9 in 10 participants have reported greater than a 50% reduction in their pain due to sleeping on the orthopaedic o’suan sleep mattress after one month.

in terms of sleep, the participants are getting on average an extra hour of sleep per night with the participants with severe sleep issues getting more than 2 extra hours of sleep. This has resulted in all participants self-reporting of being more alert during the day and reporting having found the best way to sleep due to their best sleeping position.