Transparent and honest

It is extremely important to us to offer our customers a genuine science tested eco friendly product. With this rigorous data and test driven approach we want to enable you to make a well informed decision and ability to compare us with other brands.

We are an honest brand and rely on authenticity. Our products, our materials, our advertising. Everything is authentic.

Does our dream meet your dream?

Test our O’Suan mattress System for yourself. Your opinion is all that matters in the end. We can easily write down 20 more reasons why O’Suan is a good choice. Everyone can say, “our mattresses are the best”. But we say “try it out for yourself and notice the difference”. In the comfort of your own home. Test the different adjustable firmness levels, notice no chemical smells, feel the soft organic layers and if you’re not 100% smitten, you can contact us at anytime, allowing you to schedule a free review scan to resolve any issues you may have.

VAT Relief

You may be eligible to claim your VAT back when ordering an O’Suan Mattress System as they may be used in many cases as an essential medical item.

“Under the Value-Added Tax (Refund of Tax) (No. 15) Order 1981, you can claim a VAT refund on aids and appliances that help you carry out daily activities at home or at work. You may need to produce medical evidence of your disability.”

You will be required to fill out VAT form VAT61a which you can find below.

VAT Form VAT61a

You can find out more by visiting https://www.revenue.ie/ in Ireland, or your local relevant tax authority.