The latex layers that make up the O'Suan adjustable pillow


Handmade Sleep Systems

Each of our custom-designed sleep systems are made by hand in County Wexford to your individual requirements. To us, there’s no such thing as one mattress fits all.

The O’Suan system incorporates two essential parts.

  • The lower half consists of a high tempered pocket spring module. This pocket module is fully encased in our (100% fully recyclable) ecotec foam which stops isolating motion transfer, gives a firm edge to edge support, and ensures zoned air technology.
  • The top section of our sleep system is made up of numerous layers of 100 % biodegradable natural fibres such as Coir fibre (from coconut shells), sheep wool, Natural Latex , Cashmere, and Natural Silk.

These natural layers come in different densities which allows us to provide you with numerous different comfort options. Depending on your specific requirements, we place these natural layers into a full washable zip up luxury cover. These layers can be easily interchanged during the life cycle of your sleep system depending on your comfort needs.

Our master craftsman hand making an O'Suan orthopedic mattress

What makes O’Suan pocket springs unique?

O’Suan 2000 pocket springs have a barrel shaped pre-tensioned construction to allow for individual spring compression. The 2000 springs compress in their individual pockets in order to give greater resilience. 

How can our pocket springs benefit you? 

Each spring has individual freedom of movement, therefore each pocket conforms to the shape of your body. The springs are individually fabric encased and nested to give 100% coverage across the mattress to provide better support and for all your individual pressure points in your body.