Sourcing natural fibres for our company and producing a truly sustainable product  is of utmost importance in our business. In partnership with our supplier, we have become the leading processor of natural fibres.

With our experience in the field of filling and covering materials for the mattress industry, we have created a product of outstanding quality. O’Suan only the very best  ingredients to make our orthopaedic mattress, a product of which we are very proud of. How to sleep better , and finding the best sleeping position is our main objective . 

O’Suan supplies an environmentally friendly alternative to fully synthetic mattresses. All of this is obviously supported by the following quality certificates. Our natural fibre manufacturing partner has the following certificates and memberships which has taken many years to achieve.

A good night’s sleep comes from environmentally sound materials, which means sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly finding new ways for our business to work with the planet, not against it and our efforts have been recognised.

We are also proud to be pursuing our ambitions to become Carbon Neutral in 2023.


Cashmere is a luxuriant wool that many a fashion-conscious woman has dreamed of wearing against her skin. Its silken feel, feather-light weight, and appreciable status make it highly desirable. Despite the glamor associated with cashmere, it hails from humble beginnings. Cashmere is the wool or fur of the Kashmir goat. Kashmir goats are primarily raised in Mongolia, but many are bred in Iran, Tibet, India and China. 

Fine de-haired under coat cashmere wool is a truly beautiful fibre which has been used as one of life’s luxuries for thousands of years. The soft fine fibres offer luxurious, comfortable insulation from its lightweight make up which helps create the breathable micro-climate which is what makes  our mattress unique.

Our luxurious Layers of cashmere that are a vital part of the construction of the O'Suan mattress system.
100% Pure Coconut Fibre . We use this in the layer build to allow for different firmness feels to your mattress


Coconut fibre is very tough yet also elastic. The fibre hardly deteriorates at all over time. Coir is a product that is naturally adapted to the human body. We feel comfortable in coir products, just like we feel comfortable in wool, cotton and Latex  products

The fibre is collected from the coconut husk, a resource that is widely available. Coconut palms grow on 10 million of hectares of land throughout the tropics. Only a fraction of the huge quantities of nuts are collected for industrial use


Latex is only used in high end luxurious bedding across the world because of its unique properties. It is kind to the body as well as the environment. The unusually good point elasticity of natural latex provides ideal support to every part of the body. This provides an especially comfortable sensation when lying down as it responds to your weight, shape and movements.  The resting person does not perceive the high supporting ability of natural latex as “hardness”, but as adaptable counterpressure.

It’s soft and supportive, it helps relieve pressure points, it’s antimicrobial, and resists mold and dust mites. Natural latex is a natural renewable material. 100% Pure Natural Latex is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting to breathe fresh, clean air while they sleep. In addition, natural latex is breathable, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Derived from the hevea brasiliensis, or the rubber tree, latex is the most naturally durable cushioning material available. So while it might cost a little more initially, in the long run, only latex will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and support for years to come.

At O’Suan we like to take care of nature as much as she takes care of us. Our latex is 100% natural, is completely biodegradable, uses a lot less energy in production compared to synthetic rubber, and uses no health enhancing chemicals or masking agents.

Layers of 100% natural latex that are a vital part of our O'Suan sleep system

What is Graphite Latex?

Whilst having all the usual benefits of Latex foam, graphite Latex foam has so much more! Infusing the natural mineral (graphite) into the Latex foam during production makes for a naturally flame retardant foam, ending the need for chemical additives, making it not only good for you but good for the environment too. The graphite flakes expand at combustion temperature and cut off the supply of oxygen.

The graphite flakes change the colour of the Latex foam from cream to grey. The graphite properties make the foam more breathable and durable and naturally anti-allergenic and dust-mite resistant (making it ideal for allergy sufferers). It absorbs heat to aid a cooler and more restful sleep; in fact it’s 7 times cooler than synthetic memory foam. The aerated holes in this type of foam make it particularly good for pressure point pain relief such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Silk is a natural protein fibre, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. For centuries, silk has had a reputation as a luxurious and sumptuous fabric that is associated with wealth and success.

This luxurious fibre will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is of utter importance to keeping your mattress at a comfortable regulated temperature.

The Chinese have used silk since the 27th century BC and is one of the oldest fibres known to man. In the Roman Empire, silk was literally worth its weight in gold.

The unique production process adds to the mystery and exclusiveness of the fabric. It takes 5500 silkworms to produce one kilogram of raw silk. We use silk in our O’Suan mattress system because of its unique natural properties.

Our luxurious Layers of silk that are a vital part of the construction of the O'Suan mattress system

Profit for the planet

We donate 1% of our sales to the planet.  Every year we donate 1% of our sales to environmental organisations and non-profit companies that protect our planet. 

We also plant a tree for every product that we sell.


We believe in a great night’s sleep for everyone. Your new O’Suan mattress is a Livelong investment and the first step towards healthier, restorative sleep. Caring for your new mattress will ensure it looks after you night after night.